Toddler Programs

Toddler ProgramsAs your baby emerges from the baby room, they will enter a busy little world full of new friends and opportunities. We will stimulate their tactile senses through sensory exploration by playing with noodles, flour, water, tissue and wrapping paper, and otherwise interesting materials. In dramatic play, we will be expanding their imagination using puppets, dress-up, kitchen supplies, babies and blankets, stuffed animals and many other fun items. Musically, we will be singing, dancing and playing marching band and building a sense of rhythm. They will enjoy story time throughout the day read to them on their level and have books available for hands-on exploration. We will work with them and you cooperatively to become independent with simple tasks such as putting on coats, shoes and washing their hands. Toddlers will practice learning their basic shapes, practicing letter recognition, counting to ten and getting them ready for the next phase of learning as they enter into the nursery school group. We will also provide you with a daily sheet filling you in on your child’s day.


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