PreschoolAs your child prepares for kindergarten, they will enjoy being the big kids on campus. We will form an active partnership with our parents and share in setting goals for your child. They, too, will be in an environment that allows them the opportunity to experience learning in a comfortable non-institutional like setting. We will respond to the children’s individual learning styles and build on their strengths and interests and help to develop skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. We will assist in teaching life skills that will help to develop a sense of self-reliance, guide on building social competence and allow children to negotiate their own solutions to a conflict helping to make them socially strong and emotionally secure. We will help to foster adaptive, flexible and creative thinking and offer experiences that stimulate curiosity and questions that lead to discovery. They will enjoy monthly field trips (in house and out) that add to the excitement of being a preschooler. Our year will be topped off with a graduation ceremony signaling their official step into school.


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