Nursery School

Nursery SchoolWhen your child enters into the Nursery School group, they will find themselves in a mixed classroom that offers the older students the opportunity to mentor their younger friends, in turn, helping to teach them responsibilities, instilling pride and fostering a healthy self-concept. At this stage of learning, they will be presented with an array of materials and teaching styles that will foster adaptive, flexible and creative thinking and playing. In circle time, they will learn to share ideas and participate in activities that promote critical thinking and concepts. Music and movement, marching band, show and tell and parachute play also make circle time a much anticipated and fun part of the day. During our “classroom” part of the day, they will learn to work cooperatively as a member of a group. They will work on learning the letters of the alphabet, counting and numbers and building fine motor skills by cutting, coloring and tracing. They will enjoy story time that will include interactive activities such as flannel board and group discussions on the materials read. They will have books available throughout the day that will help to teach them how to properly utilize reading materials and set forth a foundation for the love of reading. We will assist in character building by supporting the children gain self-discipline in an environment where they know the limits and expectations, where independence is encouraged, individuality is respected, politeness and kindness expected and to promote a respect for others and materials offered daily.


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